Sunday, December 22, 2013

How to Run Netflix in Linux

I have played with different options for getting Netflix running on Linux, and the best and easiest option I found was to install Windows in Virtual box.  Yes, it's not an elegant solution but it works and it works well. Now if you are using Linux you probably don't have a spare Windows key lying around so to get past that hurdle we will use an IE Testing VM.

Go to and download a version of windows you would like.  I am using Windows 8 with IE11.

wget -i
chmod +x part1.sfx

You will now have an ova file.  This file is used to import the VM into virtual box.

Now you will need to install virtual box.  This will depend on your distro.  I am on fedora so it would be sudo yum install VirtualBox.  There might be a little more to it than that depending on your distro/setup.

Finally import the ova file.  Open up virtual box and go to File -> Import, click next like you would if you were on windows unless you really need to update the vm options.  Once complete start up the VM.  Once started you can open up IE and navigate to Netflix and give it a try (You can install Chrome, but I'm not sure if that is against the License).

If you want to go full screen or run seemless mode you will need to install guest additions.  This can be done by clicking Devices -> Insert Guest Additions CD Image...

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