Sunday, December 22, 2013

Fedora, The One True OS

I have officially switched all my main computers over to Fedora Linux.  A friend of mine at work uses Fedora, and recently I had some issue with Mint, at the time my favorite distro, so I deiced to try Fedora out.  I also switched over from GNOME, to KDE and that has been a great expierence also.  The look and feel are great, and all of the options are really easy to setup compared to some of my recent experiences with GNOME 3 / Unity.  I got all of my hot keys setup the way I like and I feel very productive.  Anything I could think of I was able to find a program, setting, option or theme for.

On top of that, always having the latest and greats programs is really nice.  No more trying to figure out how to get the latest version of something and having to do hacky things to make it work.  I recently updated from Fedora 19 to 20 on my laptop and had no issues.  I went to the wiki, ran the commands it said, after a few minutes I was back in business.  Straight forward and easy, couldn't ask for more in an OS.  Having Steam run on linux is pretty great too.  I've added to my rules of purchasing games, does it run on linux.  I don't play many games but all the ones I have purchased from the Humble Bundle have worked so far.

TLDR; switched to Fedora, and it's awesome. I would recommend you try it out.

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