Monday, May 9, 2011

Why I've Been So Busy Pt1: Ray Tracing

I've been super busy over the last semester.  The main reason would be my graphics class.  The main project is building a ray tracer.  Here are pictures from start to finish.

Circle Intersections Working

Triangle Intersection Working

Multiple Triangle Intersections

First 3D Object: Lambertian Shading

Multiple Sphere Intersection

1000 Spheres

Blinn-Phong Shading Working

Mirrors Working

Playing With Mirrored Spheres

First part of the project done (many hours later), next step bounding volume hierarchy, distributed rays, instancing and loading meshes. 

BVH working, 1 Million Spheres taking about 12 minutes, 10 depth reflections picture size 1000x1000


Image for Picture Contest


Soft Shadows and Instancing

Full Screen Photo Gallery - I made some of these to be wallpapers so feel free to use them as such.  Otherwise if you use them anywhere else just give me some credit.

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